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I am Gioconda Padovan, a graphic designer, ceramic artist, art instructor, Spanish teacher, and creator by heart!

I am from Caracas, Venezuela happily living in Maryland, United States since 2006 with my boys and Zorro my loving dog. I discovered my love for drawing, painting, and ceramics while staying at home taking care of my kids, something that I started doing to motivate them to be artistic ended up being one of my passions: drawing!. I love plants, books and art supplies, my favorite place to be is the beach and I love nature, art museums, and traveling. Living from my heart in gratitude mode always.

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I worked in many mediums, I started cutting beautiful big numbers on wood, then little wood animals that I painted, and added some paper on one side making them unique objects for decoration. Then I discovered a fascination for rubber stamps and I learned how to make my drawings into my own custom rubber stamps, in no time I was creating stamp sets with themes like "The fish town", "The pirates", "The Dutch village", and "KuraHulanda", all limited editions, hand mounted by me and some help. I used some drawings from my older son Leonardo as part of the sets. Then I started to explore the ceramic world and it's something that I am still doing where I integrate words and images creating one of a kind piece.

I do ceramics, especially plates, where I stamp my drawings combined with quotes that speak to my heart. In my creations, you will find quotes as little messages that I want to share with the world through my art. I do painting as well where I combine different techniques, it's some new territory that I am just exploring. I am always experimenting with clay, paper, colors, and drawings.
 All my creations are unique like you and me.

Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by.

Gioconda Padovan


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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