About me

 I'm a maker who is passionate about clay, drawing, and painting.

I am from Caracas, Venezuela, living in Maryland, the USA since 2006. I am a maker who previously participated in craft fairs where I featured hand-made rubber stamps. I continued to leverage my skills as an illustrator and began showcasing my stamp art as highlights in my unique ceramic pieces. Every mug, bowl, or plate I make is my white canvas where I create a scene or story with stamps. I combine my original art, along with my two boys’ drawings, and quotes and words that speak to me, I create individual pieces of ceramics. Recently I started what is my current work "las Mininas by Gio" a series of portrait's drawings where every girl is unique and happy. I am using diferent mediums to create a collection of pieces which include original paintings, prints, ceramics, paper and clothing. Thank you for stopping by and checking it all out! 

© 2020 by Gioconda Padovan

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